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Storage Features and Supplies at All American Self Storage

Are you looking to secure storage space in Massachusetts? Look no further than All American Self Storage! Our team is here to assist you with the rental process –whether it’s online or in-person. We can provide guidance on finding a size and type of storage that fits your needs, as well as recommending certain features that take convenience up a notch. Not only are our options superbly protective for delicate items like antiques and business inventory; they also come with an array of amenities designed just for them!


Do not have enough boxes? Need some bubble wrap to protect fragile items? Quality storage supplies can be the key to a successful storage experience. They protect your items long after you close up your boxes. Make sure all your items are securely packed away before placing them into your storage unit. Stop by the All American Self Storage office closest to you to stock up on all the storage supplies you need!

Packing Tips: Be Careful and Efficient

Even if you are only storing for a short period of time, pack your boxes for the long haul. You want your items to be snug in the box without being packed too tight. Objects should not be able to move and rattle around in the box, so pad them with bubble wrap or newspaper to keep everything secure. Anytime you need packing supplies at one of our facilities, just pop over to our office!

Storage Supplies Sold On-Site

  • Boxes of All Sizes
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Box Cutters
  • Glass Packing Kits
  • Furniture Covers
  • Mattress Covers
  • Box Knife
  • Labels
  • And Much More!


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